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How to use Blackboard Collaborate

Before you read this page, make sure your system is compatible and that you know how to enter a Blackboard Collaborate session.

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Audio and Sound Check

Test your audio by clicking on the microphone icon in the top-left corner.

Select which audio device you will be using (you may see the options 'headset' or 'speakers', depending on which you are using). Then, click 'OK'.

Press the 'Play' button to check that your speakers are working, then press 'Stop'. Click 'Yes' or 'No' to confirm whether your speakers were working. 

To check that your microphone is working, select which device you're using, then click 'OK'. Click 'Record' and say a few words and then press 'Stop'. You can then press 'Play' and hear what the computer managed to record from your microphone, before pressing 'Stop'. Once again, you need to confirm if your microphone worked by clicking 'Yes' or 'No'.

Select an Internet Connection Speed

To test your connection speed, click 'Edit' in the menu bar at the top of the page.

Then, select 'Preferences' from the dropdown menu.

In the 'Preferences' window, scroll down to "Session > Connection". Click 'Connection'.

It is recommended that you set your Connection Speed to one speed lower than what you actually have. Set it to "Wireless (300Kbps)" if possible.

To Talk, click "Talk"

Click Talk. Then a microphone will appear next to your name, as shown below. To finish talking, click Talk again.

If you need to change the volume, in case you are talking too softly or loud, drag the volume bar above the Talk button.

Click 'Video' to share your webcam

To vote on a question

Your teacher may ask you to vote Yes or No in a poll, or choose from further answers.

To respond, click the TickBox icon in the "Participants" forum, as shown below:

Let people know when you step Away for a moment

It is important to let the class know if you're stepping away for a moment for anything, such as grabbing a drink, in case someone tries to interact with you while you're away from your computer.

Simply click the 'Away' icon in the Participants forum when you leave. Simply click the same icon again when you returned, as shown below.

Raise your Hand if you have a Question

If you have a question, click the hand symbol in the participants section to 'Raise your Hand'.

A little Raised Hand icon will appear next to your name, with a number showing where you are in the queue if a few people have questions.

Once your question has been answered, click the Hand icon again to Lower your Hand.

Show emotion using Emoticons

Click the smiley face icon in the Paricipants section, then select which emotion you want to share from the options in the dropdown, as shown below.

Write on and Contribute to the Whiteboard

The moderator of your Blackboard Collaborate session may sometimes ask you to contribute to the whiteboard presentation. Contribute using the icon panel, shown below, on the left hand-side of the whiteboard.


Use the 'Chat' box to write messages in Blackboard Collaborate. Please note that the CHAT is fully supervised by any moderators and teachers in the session, and may be recorded.

Simply type your message and press the Enter key on your keyboard to send.

If you have any questions, please email the IT Help Desk or call (02) 9964 6322 between the hours of 8am - 7pm, Monday to Friday.