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iOS device, iPad or iPhone (not recommended)

If you have an Apple iOS device, such as an iPad or iPhone, you can download the Blackboard Collaborate Mobile app from the App Store.

Please note: we do not recommend using the Blackboard Collaborate Mobile app for your learning, as the functions are limited compared to using a desktop or laptop web browser. For example, private chat, live video, file transfer, multimedia library, annotation on the whiteboard, moderator controls, leaving breakout rooms and recording playback are not supported on mobile devices. In addition, if your device is asleep or you leave the mobile app in the background for more than five minutes, you may be ejected from the session. If you can, use a desktop or laptop computer.

Using the Blackboard Collaborate Mobile app will use a significant amount of internet data. We recommend turning off your Mobile Data and only using Wi-Fi while setting up and using the app.

There are 3 steps to setup your iOS mobile device:

  1. Download 'Collaborate' from the App Store
  2. Enter a test classroom
  3. Learn basic functions and how to enable wi-fi data use

Step 1: Download 'Collaborate' from the App Store

Go to the App Store. 

Tap 'Search' and search for "Blackboard Collaborate Mobile".

Tap 'Free' on the Blackboard Collaborate Mobile app, and then tap 'Install'. When the installation is completed, tap 'Open'.

When you first open the Collaborate app, you will see a notice of terms and conditions (see below screenshot). Press 'Accept' to continue to the app. 

Step 2: Enter a test classroom

When you open the Collaborate app, you will see a page asking for a Session URL and Name. Tap into the Session URL field and type in the test classroom address, which is: and then tap into the 'Name' field and type in your name. Finally, tap 'Join Session'.

You may be re-directed to your internet/web browser. If you are, simply re-enter the required details and press 'Log In'. You will be automatically re-directed back to the app after a few moments.

When you first enter, you will need to tap 'OK' to allow the Collaborate app to access your microphone.

When you see the screen shown below, you have successfully entered the Blackboard Collaborate test classroom.


Step 3: Learn basic functions and how to enable wi-fi data use

The below diagram explains where to press to access functions in the Collaborate app. As noted previously, the full range of functions are not available in the app.

To enable the use of wi-fi data only, tap the Room Options icon in the top, left corner.

Then, tap 'Settings'. 

In the 'Network Settings' area, make sure you have turned ON 'Wi-Fi Only', as shown in the screenshot below.

We also recommend that you turn off (disable) your Mobile Data to make sure you don't accidentally use your mobile data while running the Collaborate app.

Finally, to leave the Blackboard Collaborate session, tap the Room Options icon in the top, left corner, and then tap 'Leave'.

If you have any questions, please contact the IT Help Desk, and we can walk you through setting up your device or troubleshooting. 
Phone: (02) 9964 6322
Hours of operation: 8am-7pm, Monday-Friday

For out-of-hours support, please contact Blackboard Collaborate technical support on 1800 267 338. (When you call, you may need to select option '1- web conferencing' and option 1 again 'version 11'.)