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Compressing your video using VidCoder(Window), Handbrake(Window/Mac) and how to submit your assignment

*Your video will only need to be compressed if it is OVER 100MB. If you are a Windows user you will need to use VidCoder. If you are a Mac user you will need to use Handbrake to compress your video*

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Compressing your video using VidCoder - Windows User:

Step 1: Download appropriate pre-setting .xml file.

Before you can compress your video you must download one of the below .xml documents. Once you have downloaded the VidCoder software, as per Step 2, you will need to upload this document to ensure your final video has the correct settings.

Special Note: the .xml document is a configuration file.

a. Find which document you will need from the list below:

Assignment10.xml → For 20 Minutes and under recordings  Creates File size less than 50MB

Assignment20.xml → For 30 Minutes and under recordings  Creates File size less than 70MB

Assignment40.xml  For 31 to 50 Minutes recordings  Creates File size less than 100MB

Assignment60.xml  For 51 Minutes and over recordings  Creates File size less than 200MB

b. Select which .xml you will need from the list above, Right click on the link, then select Save Link As... from the pop up window as per the image below:

c. Save the document onto your computer in a location where it can be easily found. 

Step 2: Download VidCoder software

a. There are two versions of VidCoder; one is for less powerful computers - 32bit, and the other is for more powerful computers - 64bit.

Special note: If you attempt to download the 64bit version and it fails this likely means you are on a 32bit computer and will need to download the 32bit software.

Both versions can be found and downloaded via the links below:

VidCoder 32bit

VidCoder 64bit

b. Once the download is completed. Open and run the install. (The downloaded file can be found in the download folder. Please follow the install wizard to continue the installation.)

c. A VidCoder icon below will appear on the desktop  after the installation is completed. Please click the icon to start the program.


Step 3:  Upload the appropriate XML pre-setting file (See Step 1) to VidCoder:

a: Select the Tools button

b: Select Import Preset from drop down:

c: Select appropriate pre-setting XML file (see Step 1 for details and download instructions) from your computer and click Open


d) Click Ok on the confirmation screen:

Step 5: Back on the VidCoder main screen. click Video File, browse and select your video file and click Open. The selected video file will be listed on the right hand column of the Vidcoder screen.



Step 6: Next, click Browse button beside the Destination field and choose where to save the converted video file (example the Desktop).

Note: We recommend to rename the converted file that you will be able to easily recognize and find. To rename the file simply click the “pencil” icon next to Browse button.



Step 7: Compress and save your video onto your computer.

Click Encode to begin convert. If the "Encode" button is grey out, please repeat steps 5 and 6.



A progress bar on the bottom will show the status of converting process. The converting process may take a bit time to complete depending on the video file size.



Compressing your video using Handbrake – Window/Mac users

Step 1: Download Handbrake 0.9.5

IMPORTANT: You need to use an old version of Handbrake, version 0.9.5. If you downloaded Handbrake through a Google search, or accidentally updated, you won't see a "Target Size (MB)" field, but when you come to that step, see ´Troubleshooting for a work-around

a. Download Handbrake 0.9.5 here: 

b. Click on the appropriate option (Windows or Mac) and the file will start downloading.
(If you can't see the download anywhere, check for security notifications in the top of your browser, or hold down Crtl and J on your keyboard - Ctrl Alt L if you use a Mac- to open downloads.)

c. Click on the file to open it, and click Run.

d. The Handbrake Setup window will now open. Follow the prompts to complete the setup by clicking 'Next' and 'I Agree'. Then, click 'Install', then 'Finish'. 

A pop-up will prompt you to upgrade to the latest version.  Ignore prompts to update. Click 'Skip this Version'. You need the old version you have just installed, Handbrake 0.9.5


Step 2: Compressing your Video using Handbrake 0.9.5

a. Ensure your video is saved on the computer (not on a USB). (Make sure you keep a copy of the original in case you have problems during conversion.)

b. Open Handbrake 0.9.5.

c. Load your video into Handbrake by clicking 'Source' and selecting 'Video File', as shown below, then locate and Open the file.


 d. Now, follow the below picture to: (1) Select MP4 as your file container/output; (2) Click on the Video tab; (3) Type the appropriate file size (100 MB for videos 20-50 minutes 200MB for videos 51-70 minutes)  as the desired video size in the 'Target Size (MB)' box; (4) Click 'Browse' to select where to save your new video - we suggest you save it to your desktop and name it "ConvertedVideo".

Special note: if you are trying to compress a very large file, such as something that is over 1GB in size, change the "Framerate (FPS)" to 15 to reduce the size further. The Framerate (FPS) field is located to the left of the "Target Size (MB) field.

e.Now you can convert your video. Click 'Start'.

f.Depending on the size of the file and speed of your computer, conversion can take anywhere between 1-30minutes. You will see a "percent complete" status at the bottom-left corner of Handbrake. 



Uploading your assessment

Step 1: Check the new file to make sure it is the appropriate in size.

If you are using a Windows computer, you can do this by finding the video file on your computer, right-clicking on it and going to 'Properties'. Check the field 'Size', as shown below.

If you are using a Mac computer, you can see the 'Properties' of your video file by choosing the 'Get info' command. Hold Control-click or right-click on the file and go to 'Get info', or select the file in a Finder window and hit Command+i on your keyboard.

Once you have confirmed the file is a reasonable size, and are ready to upload your assessment, it may take from 10minutes to 2 hours to upload to the Student Portal, so please be prepared and be patient. The amount of time it takes to upload your video will depend upon the speed of your internet. We recommend that you upload your file a few days early.

Step 2: Upload your video to Moodle

a. Go to the relevant Class Homepage in the Student Portal, and click on the assignment dropbox. In the screenshot below, for example, the dropbox is named "Submit Assignment 2 - Practice Session".

b. You will then need to upload your video assessment just like any other assessment you have uploaded through the Student Portal. Read through the Declaration and click 'Upload files' or 'Add submission':

c. On the next page, in the File submissions box, click 'Add...'

d. You will then need to upload the file from your computer. Click 'Browser', choose the video file from your computer and 'Open', then click 'Upload this file

e.Please be patient while the video uploads. It may take half an hour or more, if you have a slower computer or internet connection.

f.Once the file is uploaded, click 'Save changes'.

g.The file is still saved as a draft. To submit it for marking, click 'Send for marking', then click 'Continue'. Once you have verified your final submission you will see the familar confirmation screen indicating "Assignment was already submitted for marking and cannot be updated".

*Videos are NOT processed by Turnitin - ignore any Turnitin messages when submitting a video.*




Problem! My Handbrake looks different

If you can't see the 'Target File Size' or if you downloaded Handbrake through a Google search, you have the wrong version. Uninstall Handbrake completely. Follow the instructions from the top of this page and use the correct link to download version 0.9.5

Can't Uninstall the New Handbrake?

If you can't uninstall the new Handbrake, try using your newer version following the instructions earlier on this page, except when it comes to selecting the Target File Size of 45MB. The newer version will not have this option.

Instead, move the Constant Quality down to RF:35 and then press 'Start' to convert.


This solution should work most of the time. If your file was very large, you may need to do the compression twice, following these steps.


Neither VidCoder or Handbrake work

Here is an alternative in case neither VidCoder or Handbrake are available. If your Mac computer won't allow you to open and use Handbrake, download FFmpegx from

Once you have downloaded and installed FFmpegx, open it and follow these six steps: