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Compressing your video using Handbrake (Windows/Mac), VidCoder (Windows), and submitting your assignment

*Your video will only need to be compressed if it is OVER 100MB. If you are a Windows user you will need to use VidCoder. If you are a Mac user you will need to use Handbrake to compress your video*

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Compressing your video using Handbrake – Window/Mac users

Note: If you don't have Handbrake installed, please go to and download the installer.

The installation;

Windows: Double click the installer file and follow the prompts.


Mac: Double click and extract HandBrake-1.x.x.dmg, and drag the HandBrake file into the Application folder.



Compressing video files

1. Run HandBrake, click "File" or "Drop" the video file into the application.

Note to Mac users: If you received the message below mean it required to grant access to run HandBrake. Please go to Security & Privacy> Allow apps downloaded from> "HandBrake" click "Open Anyway" to allowing open on Mac OS.

2. Click "Browse" and select where you want to save the compressed file. (Example Desktop)


3. Go to Video tab, in Quality control adjust the constant to "35 RF". Once the constant is set click "Start Encode" to start compression.

Note: You can find the process status located on the bottom, indicating the time and how long it takes to complete the process. The compressed file will be saved to the selected folder (check step 2)



Compressing your video using VidCoder - Windows User:

Step 1: Download VidCoder software click here

Once the download is completed. Open and run the installer. (The downloaded file can be found in the download folder. Please follow the install wizard to continue the installation.)

A VidCoder icon below will appear on the desktop after the installation is completed. Please click the icon to start the program.


Step 2: Download pre-setting .xml file.

Before compressing your video you must download one of the below .xml documents. This xml documents contains the setting and configuration of how compressing the video, to ensure your converted video has the correct settings.

Pleas select one of the pre-setting file (noted below) that close to your video length. And click to download the file.

Assignment10.xml → For 20 Minutes and under recordings  Creates File size less than 50MB

Assignment20.xml → For 30 Minutes and under recordings  Creates File size less than 70MB

Assignment40.xml  For 31 to 50 Minutes recordings  Creates File size less than 100MB

Assignment60.xml  For 51 Minutes and over recordings  Creates File size less than 200MB

Step 3:  Open VidCoder.

a: On VidCoder then go to "Tools" from the drop down menu and select "Import Preset".

b: Navigating to the folder where the pre-setting file localed. Select the pre-setting file and click "Open". (Please go to step 2 if you haven't download per-setting file)

c: Click Ok to continues.

Step 4: Select video file.

Back on the VidCoder main screen. click Video File, browse and select your video file and click Open. The selected video file will be listed on the right hand column of the Vidcoder screen.


Step 5: Next, click Browse button beside the Destination field and choose where to save the converted video file (example the Desktop).

Note: We recommend to rename the converted file that you will be able to easily recognize and find. To rename the file simply click the “pencil” icon next to Browse button.



Step 6: Compress and save your video onto your computer.

Click Encode to begin convert. If the "Encode" button is grey out, please repeat steps 5 and 6.