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Accessing your assignment marks and feedback

Once your teacher has marked your assignment - allowing 14 day turnaround time - and entered a mark into the grade book, you will receive an automatically generated email from my.navitas-professional.

To access your grade and feedback:

  1. Log into the Student Portal and go to the Unit homepage for which you want to access your grades.

  2. In the 'Administration' box on the left-hand side, click on 'Grades'.

  3. A page will appear, showing your results overall and for individual assignments for this class.

  4. Simply click on the Assignment name to see more about the grade and feedback for that particular assignment. 

    Click on the name of the assignment (e.g. "Submit Assignment 1") to see full information about the grade and feedback.
    Your grade and overall percentage will be displayed in the Grade and Percentage colums.

If you have any queries about your grades, please contact Student Administration. The contact details are available on ACAP web-site.