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Smarthinking Online Essay Centre

Using the Smarthinking Online Essay Centre

What is Smarthinking?

Smarthinking is a review and feedback service for written assignments. Students in eligible units can upload a draft assignment to Smarthinking and get feedback on their work within 48 hours. The feedback is provided by a professional tutor. Limits on how much students can use of Smarthinking may apply – check with your college.

Access Smarthinking

Smarthinking is available from within the online class space for selected units/modules.

  • Login to an online class space. 
  • Find the link to Smarthinking. Depending on your college, it will look like one of these:



  • Click on the Smarthinking link. If you don’t see the Smarthinking page, or you get an error message go to Allowing Cookies and Popups


Smarthinking Home Page



Submit an assignment for review

When you have completed a draft of your assignment, you can submit it to a Smarthinking for review and receive feedback within 48 hours.

Note: this service is intended to assist you to build writing skills and does not replace the marking or feedback provided by your teacher. You still need to submit your assignment in your online class space by the due date.


Step 1: Select ‘Submit My Writing’                                                 

Step 2: Select ‘Essay Centre’


Step 3: Complete the online form


Step 4: Select ‘Choose File’

  • Browse your computer files to find your assignment.

Step 5: Select ‘Submit’

  • And also confirm submission on the next page.

Retrieving your feedback from Smarthinking

Within 24-48 hours you will receive notification via email that feedback is available. Access Smarthinking from your online class space and select ‘Review my Sessions and Submissions’.


The follow video tutorials will gudie you throught how to submit an assignment, review and writing feeback from Smarthinking.