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Echo360 Lecture Recordings



Please note: not all classes will record lectures or make them available online. This guide may not be applicable to you.


Accessing Echo360 Lecture Recording through Moodle study space. 

Please logon to your Moodle study space as per regular instructions.
Please click on the Echo360 Active Learning Platform Lecture Recordings in your Moodle unit.


The first time you click on the above link you’ll see a screen requesting you to type your First name and Last name. Please enter your details and click on Continue to Echo360.


You should now see the list of Classes (i.e. Recordings) for the unit.




The Playback screen:

While viewing classroom media, you can take notes about it, bookmark video or slide locations, and engage with other students and the instructor in discussions about the content. The Classroom toolbar, located across the top of the media player, also allows you to skip to a different class or to exit the classroom and return to the section class list.

Playback Bar Auto-hide:

To increase the amount of screen space available for classroom materials, the playback bar now auto-hides. It should appear when you first enter the classroom then disappear after a few seconds. To reveal the bar again, hover your mouse over the bottom of the classroom window.
IT IS IMPORTANT TO NOTE however that if the classroom only has a presentation (i.e. Slides),