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Mac computer pre-OS10.8

If you have an Apple Mac computer, your start menu in the top, left-hand corner of your computer, should be similar to this: 

The information here is specifically for Mac Operating Systems that are earlier than version 10.8. Check what operating system you have: click here for more.

There are 4 steps to setup your computer:

  1. Download Mozilla Firefox
  2. Enable pop-ups
  3. Download Java
  4. Enter a test classroom and check your audio equipment

You can also click here to: run the automatic system check

Step 1: Download Mozilla Firefox

The program you use to access the internet is called a 'web browser'. The default web browser on Mac computers is called Safari and it is often not compatible with Blackboard Collaborate. Google's Chrome browser is not compatile.

You must download Mozilla Firefox. 

  • If you already have Firefox installed, simply open it and go to Step 2.

To install Firefox, open Safari and go to and click 'Download Firefox'.


Click on your Downloads icon in the top, right-hand corner of Safari and click on the Firefox file that has downloaded.


Wait while the file opens...


Click the Firefox icon, hold the mouse click and drag the Firefox icon over the Applications folder, and then let go of the mouse, to drop Firefox into the Applications folder.


You will then see Firefox being copied over to your Applications folder.


In your Applications folder, double-click on Firefox to open it.


If you are asked a security question, like the example below, click 'Open' to Allow Firefox to open.


When opening Firefox for the first time, you can import settings from your other web browsers. Choose whether to import or 'Don't import anything' (as shown below) and then press 'Continue'.


Firefox will open. Set it as your default browser, unless you are proficient with computers.
(If you do not set it as the default, any links you click will automatically open in Safari, so you will need to manually copy and past links for Blackboard Collaborate into Firefox.)

Please note that Firefox and Safari look similar. You must use Firefox for Blackboard Collaborate. You can tell the difference by examining the areas highlighted in yellow in the following two screenshots. Notice that Firefox has multiple icons on the top, right side, whereas Safari only has 1 downloads icon. When you are using the program, your computer will also tell you the name of the program in the top, left corner of your computer screen.

Step 2: Enable pop-ups

Click on the Firefox menu at the top, left-hand corner of your computer screen, and then click 'Preferences'.


Go to the tab called 'Content' and then make sure 'Block pop-up windows' is NOT ticked. Once it is un-ticked, you can simply exit this window. (You do not need to press a 'Save' button.)

Step 3: Download Java 

Java is an application that helps launch Blackboard Collaborate and other web-based programs. Go to and click 'Free Java Download'.

(Please note: very rarely we encounter very old Mac OS versions that need an old version of Java to work, from however this is not recommended or supported - using an outdated version of Java is a security risk. We suggest you update your Mac OS instead, so that you can simply use the Blackboard Collaborate Launcher.)


Click 'Agree and Start Free Download'. Then, click on the downloaded file at the top, right-hand corner of the browser.


Once the file has downloaded, click on it to open it. When you are asked 'Would you like to save this file?' click 'Save File'.


Double-click on the box icon to install.


The Java Installer has opened. Click 'Continue', then 'Install' and then 'Close'.


You have now installed Java.

Step 4: Enter a test classroom and test your audio

Go to

Wait until you see the Log In screen. Type your name and click 'Log In'.

A file will download in your browser. The file will be named meeting.jnlp or similar. Select 'Keep' and then click on the file to open it. Wait until the application downloads and opens.


You will see a Security warning asking if you are sure you want to open the application. Tick the box 'Do not show this again for apps from the publisher and location above' and then click 'Run'.


You may see Java pop-up briefly while it launches the program. If you see any further security prompts or prompts from your firewall program, make sure you allow Java and Blackboard Collaborate applications to Run.

When you see Blackboard Collaborate opening, you will need to click 'Accept' and accept their terms and conditions.


When you are prompted to select an Internet Connection Speed, we recommend choosing one speed slower than your internet connection. You can also tick 'Don't show this dialog again' so that you don't have to choose a speed each time. Click 'OK' to proceed.


The Blackboard Collaborate classroom will open and establish the right connection.


Now that you are in the test classroom, complete the 'Audio setup wizard' by clicking on the blue and red microphone icon in the top left-hand corner of the screen. This will ensure your audio is working. It is recommended that you use a headset with microphone and speakers.


Follow the instructions in the Audio Setup Wizard.

If you have any questions, please contact the IT Help Desk, and we can walk you through setting up your computer or troubleshooting.

Phone: (02) 9964 6322
Hours of operation: 8am-7pm, Monday-Friday

For out-of-hours office support, please contact Blackboard Collaborate technical support on 1800 267 338.