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Online quiz

Some classes contain a quiz on the unit homepage which you are required to complete as a part of your assessment. The structure and requirements and feedback provided in quizzes vary from course to course, so this guide should be used as a general source of information to help you understand the basics: how to enter a quiz, save your attempt and submit your attempt.

The icon for a quiz resource is a sheet of paper with a red tick, as shown below. Click on the link to enter the quiz homepage.


The quiz homepage contains important information about your quiz. Read the page carefully! It may specify a time limit for the quiz, a limit of the number of attempts you may have and other relevant information.

When you are ready to sit the quiz, click 'Attempt quiz now', as shown below.



Enter your answers into the relevant spaces.

If you wish to save your current answers and finish the quiz another time, you can click 'Finish attempt...' in the 'Quiz navigation' box on the left hand side of the page.  
(Note: clicking 'Start a new preview' will erase all your answers.)



You will then be taken back to the quiz homepage. Now that you have made an attempt, when you visit the homepage for that quiz, you will see a summary of the attempt. 

Simply click 'Return to attempt' to return to the quiz and complete your answers.



When you have finished the quiz and wish to submit your answers for marking, click 'Submit all and finish'. 

If you have questions about the content of your quiz, or if you have exceeded the maximum attempts and need access to try again, please contact your teaching staff for that unit.