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Contacting your Lecturer or Teacher

To find the contact details of your teacher or lecturer, go to the Unit Outline page in the Student Portal.

In the 'People' block (on the top-left side of your screen) click on 'Participants', as shown below, to access a list of teachers and students taking the class.


You'll see a list of all students and teachers taking the class. Change the drop-down filter near the top of the page 'Current role' from All Participants to Educator.

(Or you can simply use the Alphabetical filters to find them by their first and last name.)



Click on your teacher's name to access their profile, which will contain all the contact information they have made available.

*If you can't see any teacher profiles, check your unit resources - contact details have most likely been provided in your Unit Outline.

If you have a question, please email the IT Help Desk or call (02) 9964 6322 between the hours 8am-7pm Monday-Friday.