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Reviewing Assignment Feedback in Turnitin Feedback Studio

1. About Feedback Studio

Feedback Studio is a product within Turnitin that allows teaching staff to grade and provide feedback for student’s assignments online.

2. Accessing Feedback Studio

Once you have entered your class space, click on the Assignment upload link where you first submitted the assignment (example shown below).


The following screen will show your uploaded Assignment, Submission status, Grade and Teacher Comments (if completed in the Grade Book). You will also notice your Originality score and a blue ‘pen icon’ which is the Feedback Studio link.

Click on the Feedback Studio icon to access your Assignment feedback and comments

Once you have clicked on the Feedback Studio icon, your marked Assignment will appear within Feedback Studio. You will notice at the top right blue menu bar is switched on, whereas the red Similarity bar menu is black (meaning it is switched off). You can switch these two menu-screen views on and off.  You will also notice in the top right of the screen your Grade and the Similarity score is located in the red Similarity score menu. 


 3. Types of Feedback


Depending on the teacher’s style of marking and what features they use in Feedback Studio, there are a several types of feedback that can be made throughout your assignment.


a) Comments: These comments are linked to certain text and there is a speech-bubble icon which you can click on to read the detailed marker comments.

b) Quickmark Comments: These comments are linked to certain text and there is a word or phrase in a blue box which you can click on to read a detailed explanation of the comment. Quick markers tend to be used for feedback which doesn’t need the markers personal comments (e.g. spelling mistakes etc.)

c) Text comment: visible in the margins

d) Instructor Feedback Summary: text and/or audio comments options; visible by clicking on Speech –bubble icon in the blue bar menu on the right side of screen.

e) Strikethrough: indicate text that should be deleted; visible on screen and in the Comments List.

f) Rubrics: Rubrics or grading forms might be used to provide a structured breakdown of your assignment’s Grade (optional). Click on “View Rubric” for a full review of the Rubric feedback.