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Webmail Guide (including how to redirect emails)

All ACAP students are issued an Office365 Outlook college email account at the commencement of their studies. The email account is used for all college communications including enrolment news, grades and feedback from educators.

Contents - Office365 Outlook:

Re-directing emails to your personal email address

You can easily forward your student email to your personal email address, so you don't miss any important messages. Instructions can be found on the official Microsoft site


  • You should regularly check your personal email account, in case the forwarded mails rejected by the filter(e.g.The Inbox is full or moved to junk box).
  • The College takes no responsibility for the functioning of external mail services, and cannot guarantee that forwarded mail will reach an external service.

How to sign in to your student email account (Office365 account).

1. Login to your Student Portal and click on the email icon on the home page. 

2. Alternatively, go to and sign in.


3. Student email will take you to Microsoft Outlook ( sign in page.

Username/Email: [studentID]

Password: [your current student portal password]

Student email address, and the same password that you use for the student portal. 


How to switch between your Outlook personal/work account and your ACAP student email account.

If you have multiple Outlook accounts e.g. Hotmail, work Outlook, you will have to sign out of the account that you are currently signed in to access your College email.

1. Click on your profile icon and then click ‘sign out’.

2. When signing in again, it will ask you to select an account. Select 'Use another account', then sign in with your ACAP Office365 account details. Each time you log in a pop-up window will prompt you to select an account to log in to.

Alternatively, try another web browser and sign in.

Note: If Outlook automatically logs you into your work/personal inboxes, you may have your login details saved in your browser.

How to reset your Office365 Outlook password

For security purposes, students cannot reset or change their password directly on Office365. 

Your Portal and Microsoft Office365 share the same login credentials. All password resets or changes must be completed via your Student Portal.

Go to Password Reset or Change Password for more instruction. 

Creating and sending an email

Instructions on how to create an email can be found here:

Outlook: Create and send email

Opening and replying to an email

Instructions on how to open and reply to an email can be found here:

Outlook: Create and send email

Organising your inbox

Instructions on how to organise your inbox, including using your folders, can be found here:

Outlook: Organise your inbox 

How to download and use the Office365 Outlook mobile app  

Instructions on how to download the Outlook mobile app can be found here:

Where do I download the Outlook mobile app?

Support on how to use the mobile app can be found here:

Outlook: iOS and Android Help 

Changing the number of email alerts you receive about posts in your classes   

You can change how often you receive email notifications when teachers and classmates post in your online class space. For example, you can choose to receive an email every time a new post is made, or a summary email for the day's posts.

Click here to see how to change your email subscriptions to forums. 

Questions and Answers 

Q: Why are you moving my email to O365? What’s in it for me?   

A: To provide you with a more robust Microsoft Office suite which now includes Microsoft Outlook. This also gives you the opportunity to download Microsoft’ core office suite programs to your local computer delivering more functionality and ease of use.  

Q: How do I access my old emails, and will I lose them?   

A: The old webmail will remain and your login will continue to work for a period of time. Please be aware there is no tool or option to moving the mailboxes in between two systems, means you need forward any necessary emails to your new account from the old webmail. You will be receiving a notification email one month before we retiring and archive the old webmail system.

Q: Who gets this upgrade and how long do we have access?  

A: All current students or students who have studied at ACAP within the past 12 months. Graduated students will keep their accounts indefinitely, any students who no longer study with us will have their account deactivated after 12 months.  This can be reactivated if you come back to study with us at a later stage.

Q: Has my username and password changed? 

A: Your previous password will remain the same. Your username will change to your student ID rather than your name AFTER you log in for the first time.

Q: Who do I contact with questions? 

A: You can still email the IT helpdesk you currently use for any technical issues, or contact our Students Experience team on 1800 061 199 or email us at 

Q: Can I revoke my personal O365 license?  

A: Students can cancel their personal license but should be aware they may have a different range of software depending on the type of license. Also, any files held on a cloud through their person Office365 license may not be available if they cancel their license. 

Important: Under the terms of the Office 365 student license, Microsoft takes no responsibility for the loss of files. Please click here for the details of service agreement

Q: If I have an NCPS email address what happens to this, can I still use?  

This will not be your primary address in future however any emails sent to that address will appear in your new Outlook Email.  

If you need assistance, please contact the IT Help Desk.


Phone: 02 9964 6322

Hours of Operation: 8am - 7pm, Monday - Friday