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Submitting assignments online through Turnitin

**All written assignments must be submitted through the correct student portal dropbox and in Word format.**

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What is Turntin?

Turnitin helps to maintain high academic standards and to minimise the incidence of plagiarism. Turnitin identifies non-original matieral in your work and presents a report, initially to you and then to your marker, allowing you to see and amend possibly plagiarised sections in your work before submitting it for marking. Click here for more information.


Step 1. Upload your work

Login to the Student Portal and click on 'My Classes'.

  • Go to the relevant class, and click on the appropriate assignment dropbox (see below example).


VET Classes:


Counselling Classes:


Psychology Classes:


Social Work Classes:


HSA Classes:


NCPS Classes:


Upload files onto assignments dropbox.

  • Click 'Add a new attempt' (as shown below).


  • Click "add" and pick the files you wish to upload or simply drag and drop the files onto the box.

If you chose "Add file" you will see a File Picker pop-up window. Make sure you've selected 'Upload a file' on the left hand-side. Then, click 'Choose file', as shown below.



You will see a window showing folders on your computer. Go to where you saved the file, click on the file and click the Open button.

For example, in the screenshot below, the file was saved to the desktop, so 'Desktop' was selected on the left hand-side filter, and called 'Assignment Part B'.

screenshot file picker


You will then see your document's name beside the Attachment field. Click 'Upload this file'.

Screenshot of final step in file picker upload


Wait while the file uploads; the File Picker will automatically close after it is uploaded.

Once the file has uploaded it will appear with the Word icon.

If you do not see the Word icon and instead see three pink, stacked bars, make sure your filename contains the correct extension for Word documents ".docx". For example, if your work is named MyWork it needs to be re-named MyWork.docx  Click on the file to rename it, with the essential .docx at the end of the name.

Make sure you have uploaded all required parts of the assignment BEFORE you click 'Save changes'.

Click 'Save Changes' to send your work to Turnitin for a Similarity Score.

If you need to upload multiple documents, repeat the above steps - adding them as attachments. DO NOT click Submit. You can only Submit ONCE and then you will be locked out. 

Once you click 'Save changes', your file will display in the File Submissions box, shown below. After 10-30 minutes, your Turnitin Similarity Report and show you the percentage of text in your work that can be found on the Internet and/or in Turnitin's databases of student papers, journal articles, book chapterts, etc. 

Click the work 'Similarity' to open the Report:


Step 2. Check the Similarity Report

All assessment content must be correctly referenced regardless of the similarity score. If your work returns a similarity score greater than 10% consider amending the amount of quoted material or check for plagiarism. You should be familiar with the College's policy on Plagiarism & Academic Misconduct.

Once you have clicked on the word 'Similarity' as circled in the last screenshot, the report opens in a new window or tab. (If you can't see it, enable pop-ups and try again. Click here to learn how.)

The left hand-side of the report page shows your assessment text, without your formatting. The right hand-side shows the 'Match Overview' which explains the source of the colour-coded text. Non-original text is numbered and colour-coded according to the source, as shown below.



Once you have finished reviewing the Turnitin report, close the window or tab that was opened for the Turnitin report. Click here for more information on the Similarity Report.


Step 3. Upload a Revised Version of your work

If you do decide to alter your work, save the new version on your computer under a different name to the first one. (If you don't rename it, when you upload it, Turnitin won't generate a new Report and your Similarity Score will stay the same.)

Click 'Edit my submission' in the Assignment dropbox, as shown below.


You'll need to remove the old version. Click on the old version, and then press 'Delete'.

The File submission box will now be empty. Click 'Add...' and upload the new version, following the instructions earlier on this page.

Click 'Save changes' to send it back to Turnitin. Make sure to check the new report too.

Step 4. Send your assessment for marking

You must click 'Submit assignment' to have your assessment marked by your teacher.

If you do not click 'Submit assignment' prior to the due date, your assessment will be considered late, and penalties will apply.

Once you have clicked 'Submit assignment', you will not be able to make any further changes to your submission.


You resubmit using the same dropbox for the assignment.

Go to the unit homepage, and click on the "Submit assignment" link.

Click 'Edit submission'.

If you can't see the 'Edit submission' button, contact your teacher and ask them to give you access to resubmit, or contact IT support (details at bottom of page).

If your original work is sitting in the dropbox, click on the original file and then click 'Delete' and 'Ok'. Your original work has now been removed from the dropbox. 

Now, you can upload your resubmission as per usual. Make sure that any new files have been saved under a different name on your computer - if you upload a new file that has the same name as one you have previously uploaded, Turnitin will not generate a new report.

Jump back to the top for further instructions on how to submit a file.

Turnitin couldn't process your file? 

You must submit your written work in a word document for Turnitin to be able to process it. 

If you did upload a Word document, but you get the error message "Turnitin could not process this file", you will need to rename your file. Word documents must contain ".docx" at the end of their file name. 

For example, if my work was uploaded with the name "MyAssignment", I will need to change the name to "MyAssignment.docx".

To edit the file name, go to the unit homepage and click on the 'Submit Assignment' link. 

Click 'Edit submission'. 

Click on your file, sitting in the dropbox. There will be a field showing you the name of your file. 

Type .docx at the end of the name.

Example 1:

John Smith uploaded his work called "JohnSmithAssignment1".

Turnitin couldn't process the file so he corrected the name to: JohnSmithAssignment1.docx

Example 2:

Jane Doe uploaded her work called JaneDoeAssignment1docx

She corrected the name to: JaneDoeAssignment1.docx

Do you need more assistance?

Email the IT Help Desk or call (02) 9964 6322 between the hours of 8am-7pm Monday-Friday.